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Terms and Conditions


  1. Accepting the Terms and Conditions

    The services Handos offers based on these Terms and Conditions are hereby referred to asservices. When you use Handos, you have read, understand, and accepted the all the content in the user agreement. Handos reserves the right to edit or revise the agreement’s content. We suggest you to note these changes. You have read, understand, and accepted future revisions of this agreement.

  2. Your registration duties

    To use the services, you agree to: •Supply correct and most up-to-date information when registering. •Update your personal information to ensure correct and complete information. If you supply incorrect information, Handos reserves the rights to suspend or terminate your account and refuse to offer you partial or full services. 

  3. Handos Privacy Policy

    Your account registration information are protected by our privacy policy.

  4. Membership Username and Password Safety

    After completing sign up process, you can use select a set of username and password.

  5. Protection for Children and Teenagers

    To ensure children and teenagers safety on the internet and avoid violation to privacy policy, the parent should performthe following dutiesFor children under the age of 12, parents should accompany the children when shopping online. For teenagers between the age of 12 and 18, parents should give permission as appropriate.

  6. User’s legal obligation

    You promise not to use Handos in any illegal manner and you promise to obey with all the internet usage rules of Republic of China. If you are not a user in Republic of China, you agree to obey with the laws of your country or region. You agree and promise not to use the services to violate other peoples rights or to perform any illegal actions. These include but are not limited to Public libels, insults, threats, harassment, lies, and inappropriate text, images, and files. Violate other peoples reputation, privacy, trade secrets, trademarks, authorship, exclusivity, and other intelligent property and rights •Violate confidentiality •Fraud •Spreading computer virus •Spam •Other actions deemed inappropriate by Handos

  7. Handos will change, edit, or terminate events and inform members using the most appropriate form of communication

  8. If the following situations happen, Handos website has the right to stop services

    •Handos website has to go through maintenance •Malfunction of the email system •Suspension of Handos website due to website and email application •Handos website cannot operate due to natural disasters.

  9. Order Transaction

    Member agrees to base order transaction details on Handos website’s electronic data exchange. Conflicts should be resolved based on the electronic data exchange. Handos reserves the right to cancel transaction or permanently terminate membership if member cancels orders or return products on a large scale causing Handos troubles or damages.

  10. Advertisement

    Everything you see on Handos, including ad copy, text, images, samples, and other advertising material are produced and designed by our advertising supplier. Please use your own judgment to view the website accuracy and trustworthiness. Handos is only responsible for publishing and does not bear the responsibility for such advertisers.

  11. Intellectual Property

    All programs and content on the website, including but not limited to copy, images, files, data, site structure and design are intellectual property owned by Handos and other right holders. This includes trademark, patents, copyright, trade secrets, and proprietary technologies, for which no one shall use, edit, copy, spread, revise, publish, or recover. If you reproduce aforementioned programs and content, you need to obtain written permission from Handos or other right holders beforehand. It is your duty to respect intellectual property. If you violate, you will have to pay Handos for all the damages liable (including but not limited to litigation costs and attorney fees).

  12. Member agrees to allow Handos to provide member data to third parties for purposes of services and gifts. If member disagrees to allow Handos to share their data, he or she can contact Handos to remove data from the list and forfeit shopping benefits outside of Handos.

    Member agrees to let Handos collect, manage, keep, send, and use their login and personal information within legal and reasonable limits for research purposes. If you have no legal right to use, edit, copy, spread, revise, or publish data and transfer the data to third party, please do not upload, send, or submit the data to Handos. Any information you uploaded, sent, or submitted to Handos will be seen as free for Handos to use, edit, replicate, publish, and revise the data and transfer to third party. You then ensure Handos will not violate any third party intellectual property. Otherwise, you will have to pay Handos for all the damages liable (including but not limited to litigation costs and attorney fees).

  13. Rejection or Termination of Your Use

    Considering the safety for order transactions, you agree Handos can, for any reason, terminate your account (or any parts of it), remove any membership content, or upon notification terminate service (or any parts of it) if you lack use of the account or use it for illegal activities. In addition, you agree if the services are terminated, Handos or any other third party are not held responsible.

  14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

    This agreement and any conflicts related to this agreement are subject to the laws of Republic of China and takes Taiwan Taipei District Court as first instance.

Privacy Polcy

HANDOS One owned collect inform

HANDOS In order to ensure the protection of consumers'personal information, privacy and consumer interests in the transaction process will use the personal information of consumers, I would like to in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 8 provisions to inform the following matters:

  1. To collect the purpose and manner
    The Company's gathering aims for customer management, membership management and marketing and internal survey and analysis of the (statutory particular purpose item number 037, 066, 022, 060, 097). Gathering methods to collect personal information through the Member or purchase order fill.

  2. Collect the types of personal data The company web site to collect personal information including

    1. C001: identify an individual, such as the consumer's name, address, phone, e-mail and other information.
    2. C011 Personal Description: such as gender, nationality, date of birth.
    3. C038 jobs.

  3. The period of use, areas, objects and the way
    Period: during the operations of the Company.
    Areas: consumers' personal information will be used in Taiwan and oversea.
    The use of objects and the way: consumers' personal data collection, will have the following utilization: In addition to the member for the Company management, customer management, retrieval query
    * Used to send items: It's related products to consumers' personal information used for delivery to the related logistics, mailing vendors for the purpose of the items sent.
    * Financial transactions and authorized: financial information, consumers will be the process of financial transactions (such as credit card authorization, transfer) submitted to the financial institutions to complete financial transactions.
    * Marketing: The company will use the consumer addresses and e-mail, phone number, product promotional marketing of the company or partners.

  4. The rights of consumers' personal information
    Consumers delivery of the company's personal information, according to one owned law may exercise the following rights:
    First,Inquiries or requests for access.
    Second, the request made to the copy of this.
    Third, the request to add or correct.
    Forth,The request to stop the collection, processing or use.
    Fifth,The request to delete.
    Consumer delivery of the Company Profile Send promation will be based on the information and company regulations, VIP cards, activities and special events, such as DM promotions.
    Such as the consumer did not truthfully provide personal information, and will not be able to enjoy these rights.
    If you want to enjoy the special offers consumers provided by the Company, call contact our Customer Service to supplement or correct the information.
    Consumers who do not want to receive these special offers can also contact us to stop the service of the company's customer service requirements


為了傳達、提供資訊和服務,以及與現有關係相關之目的,我們必須收集個人資料,包括資料當事人(data subject)的姓名、聯絡資料或職業。在以下狀況,需提供個人資料:
  • 透過使用我們的線上服務;
  • 在註冊過程中提供,或個人自行提供資料,例如交換名片;
  • 透過公司,例如提供負責人的詳細聯絡資訊。
以上行為均遵循法律規定和個資權利來執行。資料當事人有權要求存取其個人資料,刪除或修正其資料,以及限制資料處理。因此,基於上述準則,資料提供的相關之服務均無法使用。資料當事人可隨時將問題和申訴寄給淦啥有限公司 (。


識別資料,例如姓名、性別、出生日期和地點(訪客)、身分證字號(貨車司機)、使用者ID (使用handos會員)


  • 營運目的
  • 識別和授權
  • 溝通傳達,例如釐清問題、交換資訊或預約安排
  • 書面記錄活動,例如會議、活動和協議
  • 提供資訊和要求的服務,例如電子報
  • 監控和安全性檢查
  • 交易協商,例如付款、開具發票和契約管理
  • 物流,例如運輸
  • 電子服務的授權和身分管理,包括技術支援和疑難排解
  • 行政溝通傳達,例如促銷或產品開發
  • 監控、檢查和調查
  • 直接行銷


  • 資料安全採取合理的技術和組織的管理,並依循內部規範來實施,以及藉由適當的契約協議(若資料是由外部服務供應商處理)施行,例如
  • 透過使用歐盟標準契約條款處理其在歐盟區外的資料。
  • 請隨時確認您的資料為最新版本,例如提供相關變更,若可能請自行變更資訊。
  • 有關您的資料、更正或刪除,以及資訊要求的相關問題,均可向企業資料保護長諮詢釐清。


  • 給淦啥有限公司;
  • 給我們的服務供應商
  • 給主管機關和其他政府機構
  • 給律師、法院或其他政府/法規機構




此外,若經過法規遵循熱線之通報、官方調查以及針對索賠的抗辯中發現可疑情形,可能有必要進行調查時, 則將提供有關個別案件和人員之資料和文件。